Elizabeth- senior portrait

I love being a photographer because I get to meet some incredible people and hear about what drives them.  For that brief moment of interaction and conversation (and a little photography), I try to get the answer to one of the most important life-questions to ask of any person at any age: “What are you passionate about?”

This photoshoot was a little bit different.  I met Lil (Elizabeth) 11-years ago, and back then I could tell that she had a firecracker spirit, an unquenchable curiosity, a gentle heart, and a determination to do anything she set her sight on.  She is the perfect balance of her mother and father’s competitiveness, self-discipline, good-humor, athleticism, and humility.  You might not be able to tell, but I am gushing over them because they are very special to me.

Lil is exceptional.  Not only is she highly intelligent, she can swim a long-course, 50-meter backstroke in 31.39 seconds, and the 100-yard backstroke in 56.82 seconds.  I can barely get into the pool in that amount of time, let alone try to turn on my back and try to swim that distance.  I am pretty sure she got there by pushing herself harder and harder in spite of injury or disappointment.  She never quits.

My hope, is that I have been able to capture even a little bit of the awesomeness that IS Elizabeth, in this photo shoot.  So… I don’t actually ask the question, but If I were to ask it I’d bet she’d say she was passionate about God, serving others, family, sports, music, and ridiculously good Victorian “dramadies”.  :) (but my guess is as good as any, and I doubt that is a real word)

A little behind-the-scene – this photo shoot took place outdoors in 40-50 degree weather with winds rapidly blowing from every direction.  A forecast totally opposite the news station’s report  :) Take that Mr. Weatherman…  #weshotitanyways  #weatherdontscareme #nailedit #swimmersareawesome

 True story – the photo below was a test shot where Lil was getting refuge from the cold wind while I was setting up lights…  I liked it, so I kept it.


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