Danny and Katheryn at 13 Celsius

Danny and Katheryn invited me out to 13 celsius, a european wine bar in Midtown Houston, to shoot their engagement session.  I really love this place – there is a gorgeous glass climate controlled cellar bar in the middle of what used to be a cleaners and dye shop.  There is so much character in the place, and I understand why Danny and Katheryn, with their sophisticated style love hanging out here.   Not only do they have great style, they also carry an infectious playfulness about them that makes it fun to hang around.  Danny has this beautiful way of hugging Katheryn with everything he’s got,

every time.  And Katheryn has a smile that you just can’t refuse reciprocating. I had such a good time, and thank you for the glass of champagne!  Cheers to such a lovely couple – my favorite gingers for life.  I hope that you enjoy the moody and romantic session that we captured at the bar.  It was definitely a good choice, Katheryn.