Zac Proposes in the Park

It’s fun to think that you know, before anyone else, that something EPIC is about to happen… and as a wedding and documentary photographer to be able to have that kind of foresight to that much emotion is a pretty powerful feeling.  Superman powerful.   It’s probably one of the main reasons why I loved being a wedding photographer so much.  So when Zac asked me to be a part of his proposal to Morgan, I did not even hesitate to jump headfirst into it, and so the planning began. He found a great spot in Oyster Creek Park in Sugarland, TX, and kept the ring from her for 2 months.  It takes a lot to really think out a proposal, and it is even more difficult to trust someone else with that secret.  Zac and I put together a video to show Morgan after the proposal of family and friends, and he had to let them all in on the secret and also trust them not to let the cat out of the bag.  The video turned out so well, and I was happy that he let me in on it.

I was trying to sort out my gameplan, and I guess I could have been very obvious and get up close as it was happening in plain sight.  It was a park, afterall, and I am sure no one would have noticed.  But I really did not want to ruin the surprise of it all.  Morgan had no idea this was about to hit her on their anniversary, in fact, she didn’t even realize where her mother was taking her (as it was supposed to be brunch… not a long drive to Sugarland to meet Zac in a random park).  So I hid, in the bushes, undetected, ninja-style, with a 600mm lens to capture the moment.  I wanted to share some of those photos with you – It really was sweet, and I could not hear anything that was going on, but it looked like an amazing moment.

Thankfully, Zac called me out from my hiding, and I got to be the first to congratulate the couple and take a quick photo of them in all their newly-engaged-gloriness.

I wish them the very best!  I have never met a guy like Zac before.  He really is such a funny, thoughtful and kind person, and I am grateful to have been a part of this special moment for Morgan and Zac.

 I must have been cutting onions while I was piecing this video together:


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Gabby and Josh – Engagement @ Houston Zoo

I have to admit, one of my favorite parts of what I do is getting to know the people that I am photographing.  For me it is like I am having a conversation with you, and am learning who you are, and how you interact with me and with your fiance(e).  Some of my clients have asked me at the end of the shoot if I even was photographing them… I guess you could say I talk a lot.

… but there is  good reason.  I know that you are normal people, and I am a normal person, and most normal people feel awkward when a camera is pointed at them.  I am often reminded of the scene in Talladega nights when Ricky Bobby doesn’t know what to do with his hands.

In case you needed a reminder of the scene:

Anyways – The more that I can coach you, and keep you distracted… the easier it is going to be for both of us.  Then afterwards we can evaluate and talk about it.  I feel like people reveal themselves best when no one is looking, when they are just themselves.  It’s not really just the hair or the makeup or the different changes of clothes or the accessories or even the pose… it’s the moments that I am trying to capture.  The stories behind the people.  That is my hope, at least.

I wanted to share this engagement session with you.  Gabby and Josh are perfect in so many ways, but my favorite part about them is the innocent young love that they have together.  They are both incredibly beautiful, talented, kind-hearted, faithful and generous people, and I am grateful that they let me be a part of this journey with them.

Here are a few images from the session near the Houston Zoo, I hope that you see what I saw that day – this love is incredible:



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Danny and Katheryn at 13 Celsius

Danny and Katheryn invited me out to 13 celsius, a european wine bar in Midtown Houston, to shoot their engagement session.  I really love this place – there is a gorgeous glass climate controlled cellar bar in the middle of what used to be a cleaners and dye shop.  There is so much character in the place, and I understand why Danny and Katheryn, with their sophisticated style love hanging out here.   Not only do they have great style, they also carry an infectious playfulness about them that makes it fun to hang around.  Danny has this beautiful way of hugging Katheryn with everything he’s got,

every time.  And Katheryn has a smile that you just can’t refuse reciprocating. I had such a good time, and thank you for the glass of champagne!  Cheers to such a lovely couple – my favorite gingers for life.  I hope that you enjoy the moody and romantic session that we captured at the bar.  It was definitely a good choice, Katheryn.


Cynthia and Matthew at No Label Brewery (Katy)

My wife bought me a jambox, and I knew that I needed to bring it along for this session.  It’s funny the album that came to mind for these two was a Mumford and Son’s album… and then it turned into a Lumineers music session.  I think I might have to bring music with me whenever I shoot outdoors.  I went to a Mumford and Son’s concert and I just kept thinking of these two and the song Lover of the Light.  Cynthia and Matthew are two of the most energetic and welcoming people that I know.

We started off in the open areas of the brewery, and then ended up in one of the silos (which was almost pitch black inside), and the cloudy day really turned this session into a really fun time hanging out and getting to know them as a couple.  These two know how to bring people together.  Maybe that is one of the reasons they work so well together.

I took my camera home after our engagement session and showed my wife the photos… and she immediately recognized Cynthia.  They had taught at the same elementary school a few years ago, and the coincidence was such a delight to me.  The fact that Cynthia is a teacher made me happy as well.  My mom, mother-in-law, and my beautiful bride were all school teachers as well.  Obviously, teachers have a special place in my heart. I absolutely love everything about Cynthia and Matthew.






Melissa and Titus